Samus captured by umojar

Seamus bound and gagged by the hands of Olivia

Samus Aran had returned back into her gunship after completing another mission for the Galactic Federation. She decided to relax upon her return and managed to find a Federation base and rested there. The base was small and was overseen by only one member, Olivia, who greeted Samus after her return. Samus liked how Olivia looked in her pink bodysuit and long brown hair and complemented her on it. Samus returned to her room and had her suit stored in a chamber and locked the doors. She then went to a mirror and looked at her bright blue bodysuit and admired herself for a little bit before leaving to eat dinner with Olivia, the latter of which prepared it for her. 

While Samus was getting ready for dinner, Olivia snuck in a sugar-like substance into Samus' food and gave it to her while she wasn't looking. The two then conversed for a couple of minutes while the substance kicked in. "You always eat in your casual suit?" Olivia asked Samus to which she said "Yeah, but it's because it's more comfortable in my opinion". Olivia agreed with her statement and got Samus a drink which also had the mysterious sugar like substance fearing that she didn't put enough in the food she gave Samus. Samus would later talk about her mission and about her recurring rival, Alexa. "Alexa's a cute red head that I've had some fun with. She tries to fight, but I win and have some fun." Olivia asked "What do you mean by 'fun'?" and Samus responded by saying "Well I have her tied up and gagged because she's loud and tickle her a bit. She's honestly very cute when bound and gagged, though I think many women are cute when bound and gagged." "I agree with that as well." Olivia said before she put some chloroform on a cloth and Samus began to drift away and lose some conscious.

Samus spilled her drink and Olivia came with a cloth to clean her up, but she put it on Samus and began knocking her out. Samus was shocked and began thinking to herself "No no please, Olivia" before slipping into unconsciousness. Olivia picked up Samus and took her back to her room where she took out metalic ropes and began tying her to a pole. Finally, a cloth was brought out and tied with a ball in the middle and put into Samus' mouth by Olivia where she effectively gagged her. Samus was then tickled and woke up two hours later. "Mmph?" Samus let out a muffled cry and realized that she's been bound and gagged. Olivia walked in front of her with a smug look on her face and a blue feather in her hand. "Morning Samus. You've been asleep for sometime now, but don't worry as I've made sure that you're nice and comfortable." and Samus looked at her feather. "Oh this? Well you see, I actually know of your adventures with Alexa and how you've ticked her while she was bound and gagged and I've gotten a bit inspired." Olivia said as she began ticking Samus. "Mmmph! mmmph mmph MMMmmmph" Samus let out as she was being ticked and Olivia felt her torso. Samus' face was grabbed and Olivia looked at her with a look on her face that said she won.

Olivia contiuned to mock Samus by saying "Must be embarressing for you isn't it? One of the most famous bounty hunters in the galaxy and the best employee of the Galactic Federation and yet, here you are all tied up and gagged." as she continued to tick her relentlessly as payback for Samus humiliating her friend Alexa. Samus tried explaining that Alexa was fine and Olivia was overreacting, but her gag was too tight and all that came out of her mouth was muffled cries. "Sorry can't hear you, you got something in your mouth" Olivia mocked Samus to which she looked at her with a face of annoyance over her sense of humor. "Mmmph mmmph Uuuummph mmmmph Mmpy ymmph!" Samus let out with her gag continueing to muffle her voice. She tried to shake it off numerous times, but it was tied on tighter than she's ever done (especially when gagging people like Alexa) and it surprised her how strong it was, but Olivia continued to tickle her down in the thighs and Samus continued squirming. Samus tried to close her legs tight, but her leg binds prevented that from happening and she tried shaking her head to loosen the gag, but it also didn't work out wither and she noticed that her bindings were actually a form of liquidized metal that could be controled by a remote and tried seeing if Olivia had it on her.

While that was happening however, Samus was only continued to be mocked by her captor as she ticked her entire body and began poking at more sensitive areas from her thighs to her lower torso and other places. "I love how you're here actually. You see, I like doing this to my female captives to and I've been dreaming of this for ages." Olivia said excitedly. Samus herself originally thought of revenge, but she remebered how she may be bound and gagged, but is only being teased in the middle of a room stuck in space and it wasn't a big deal. Her thoughts were interrupted when her upper body began to be ticked and her entire body was being covered with a transparent paint-like substance that limited protective barriers in her zero suit and made the ticking more powerful and caused her to squirm further. "Mmmmph mmph Pmmph nmmph MMmpph Ummph Mmmph" was all that Olivia heard from Samus as she was constantly humiliated and her gag was tightened even more to the point that Olivia couldn't make out half of the muffled words Samus was trying to let out (it was major since Olivia had been able to tell what gagged captives were saying to her, including Samus) and she only continued to enjoy it. 

Olivia continued mocking Samus and began heading towards her upper body and ticker her there and in other sensitive areas that made Samus squirm the most. As Samus was squirming, her ropes and gag were constantly being checked on and were tightened if Olivia saw fit. During the entire event, Olivia stopped and went to a computer where she sent a message to her boss saying that Samus was okay and she was safe and sound in the base. Samus looked over and saw a small remote on the back end of her belt and knew that it controled her binds. Samus began moving her hands, but she had limited ability due to her binds and needed Olivia to be close in order to grab her remote. Not too long afterwards, the conversation ended and Olivia contiued to mock Samus stating that she was effectively all hers. "That was my boss checking in. I said that you were okay and I have everything under control." She then looked over to a window behind Samus and saw a nice view of space and quickly developed a devious smirk on her face. Turning to face her captive, Samus, Olivia asked "How would you like to go on a little trip. Just you and me in space. I know a nice place we could hang out at, I can get approval from the Federation and it'll be fun. Now granted, you might be a little tied up with a few things, but I think I can make it work". Samus let out a muffled groan, but noticed the remote and that there was three of them and they all looked the same. 

Samus waited cautiously for Olivia to walk closer as she sae her look out her window and on the table near her, was a rag and chloroform that she used to knock her out at dinner. Samus let out some muffled cries and Olivia walked on over and was right behind her within seconds. "Thanks for reminding me" Olivia said after getting right behind her captive "I almost forgot about our wonderful time together". Samus was grabbed as her face was brought close to Olivia's who inspeced it and stroked her cheaks and gag in admiration. Meanwhile, Samus was able to find and take the three remotes, but didn't know which one was the right one and hid them in her hand bindings. Olivia took out her feather and ticked Samus some more even going down towards her lower body again and tickled her rearend which caused Samus to blush with embarresment, but Olivia only enjoyed it further. "Love it when you squirm like that. Makes this experience all the more better" Olivia let out as she took out her rag and dipped in in chloroform and used it on Samus. 

Samus struggled some more and let out "Nnnmmph mmmph mmph mmph" before drifting back to sleep once again. She woke up again two hours later, this time in a new room on a cruiser where she was tied to another poll and remained tied up and gagged. "Mmph? Mmmph mmph" Samus let out as she woke up and saw Olivia come through the door with her feather and ticked her thighs waking up her bound and gagged captive. ""MMMMPH Mmph mmmmph" Samus let out as her thighs were tickled again and Olivia said "Rise and shine sleepyhead, we're going to back to my place for a little fun time" as she leaned over close to Samus and mocked her further. "Mmmmpphh" Samus let out as Olivia began to look over Samus' body and began ticking her thighs and crouch causing Samus to squirm and let out a loud "MMmmmmph mmmmph mmmmmmph" as she was tickled and later grabbed by her captor. Olivia was inches away from Samus' face when she taunted her by saying "We're going to your private prison where Alexa's at. We're going to a reunion and you'll be the guest of honor though, you might feel a little tight I'll admit". "Fmmph ymmmph Mmmpph Uummmph Mmmmph" Samus let out as she squirmed until Olivia began stroking Samus's body and further tickled her crouch and thighs to get her to squirm. Olivia then further tightened Samus' gag until it couldn't be tightened any more, further stroked her body, and spanked Samus before leaving the room saying "I'll be back when we make it there, so you better get comfy" and left seconds later. Samus let out "Mmph" and took a few moments to relax as her gag rendered her mouth useless and she could only let out muffled cries and squeals and she was sweaty and tired from Olivia's actions.

After some time, Samus looked around the room and tried to find ways of escaping as she had four remotes and hoped one of them could deactivate her binds and allow her to use them to bound and gag and Olivia, but she also needed a way to escape. The gagged bounty hunter knew that if she was brought before Alexa, she'd be tied to a pole, mocked by her rival more, and taken hostage and possibly used as a bargening tool against the Galactic Federation and other political organizations and entities. Samus reached into her bindings and got out a remote and tested to see if it would free her. She pressed the button, but nothing happened and assumed that it only triggered something else back at her private base. Samus tried again and caught three of the remotes before they fell letting out "Mmmph" after catching the remotes and continued to try to free herself from Olivia's captivity. Samus tried using the second remote, but she dropped it and barely caught the other two. "Nnmmmph" she said trying to hold onto the other remotes and struggling with her gag which Samus got used to and somewhat enjoyed being gagged, but still desired escape.

Samus had two more remotes left and tried out another one. She close her eyes tightly and pressed the third one and within seconds, she was free. "Mmph?" Samus let out as she opened her eyes to see herself free from her binds and saw her hands once again free. She took off her gag saying "Thank god" seconds after and looked at saying "Olivia's gonna love this". The last remote she saw activated a decive on their belts which would let out a knock out gas incase they were to be captured, but the remote controled the usually involuntary action. Samus used the final remote and heard Olivia cough and knock out. She went to the cockpit and saw her former captor and smiled before taking her back to the room for revenge. Olivia was brought to the back of the ship where she was tied to the pole with the same metal ropes used to bind Samus and woke up after Samus finished up silencing her with the same gag used to silence Samus. "Mmph? Mmmmph mmmmpphhh" Olivia said quickly realizing her situation, the captor has become the captive. Samus looked over with the blue feather with a smug look on her face saying "Rise and shine sleepyhead" as Olivia began squirming and letting out loud muffled cries. "NNmmmmmppphh Mmmpphh MMMmmppphhh Fmmmph Ymmmmpphh Mmmmmmpphhh" desperately trying to break free, but was soon ticked by Samus and began squirming more and letting out more muffled cries. Samus grabbed Olivia's face during all of this and mocked her for her new situation. Olivia's boots were taken off and Samus ticked both her feet, her thighs and her crouch causing Olivia to panic and squirmed at the hands of her former captive.

After some time, the ship arrived at the private prison Samus ran and landed. "Oh, we're finally here" Samus said as she modified the metal ropes to keep Olivia tied up, but not to the pole and carried her bound and gagged body outside of the ship. "Mmmmph mmmpphh mmmpphh" Olivia said while being carried out on Samus' shoulders into a new prison cell. Olivia was thrown into the cell and glared at Samus when she heard "Mmmph?" and looked to her right to see Alexa, her friend and ally who was also tied up, bound, and gagged by Samus. "I thought you two would like a cell together" Samus said as Olivia and Alexa let out muffled cries at her saying "MMMmpphhh Nnmmmpphhh fmmmmphhh MMMmmmppphhh" as Samus closed the doors and went to her personal quarters to relax. Samus could now sleep and relax knowing that it was all over, or is it? To be continued...

Alternate Ending

Samus pressed the final remote and closed her eyes, but nothing had happened. "Mmph?" she muffled in confusion and could only hear a small alarm coming from inside the room. She looked around and found Oliva's belt which was emitting a gas and Samus knew it was knock out gas. 'Mmmph mmmppph" Samus let out and squirmed, but to no avail and the gas soon enveloped her and she fell unconscious again. Oliva walked in after a few minutes saying "Knew something was up" before carrying Samus to the private prison. Alexa was free and Samus was thrown into her cell tied up, bound, gagged, and now held hostage and for ransom.