It was a nice and normal day in a small town where a young girl by the name of Ginger was getting ready to make her very first film. She had everything; a camera, the right set and location, and the needed software to edit all of the footage, but she was missing the main key component that was the actors. She didn't need too many, just two and would even settle for one. She put up some audition posters and finally got one person picked it up by the name of Patty. She also liked the idea of starring in a movie and especially loved it when she found out that there wouldn't be many people to take away the spotlight and so she went to Ginger's house where filimg was supposed to take place at. Patty arrived and said hi to Ginger and the latter lead the former downstairs to her basement. "I can't wait to be in this film, but wait what am i doing" Patty asked. "Simple" Ginger responded "You're going to be the one who wakes up in a basement in a place you don't know". Patty was confused but accepted it and went to a chair in the middle of the room and sat down in it.