Jill gagged with webs

Jill bound and gagged in a dungeon

Jill Valentine was sent on a mission somewhere in Ireland where she was to track down and capture the leader of a bio-terrorist cell who had access to biological weapons previous owned by the now-defunct Umbrella Corporation. This was her first mission since her recovery at the hands of Albert Wesker and she was now ready to be back in combat and fight for the BSAA. She was deployed alone due to the leader being protected by only a handful of guards and that she needed to keep a low profile so she chose her old uniform and went in.

She was deployed to a small remote village in the Irish countryside where it was thought to have been the site for a test by the bio-terrorists. Jill entered into the village and noticed it to be abandoned and headed towards an abandoned castle on the hill. She arrived there alone and searched the compound. She felt very pleased being back in action and looked in a mirror to admire her uniform that it still fit her. However, before she could continue, gas sprayed out and she fell unconcious. She woke up two hours later in the lower chambers of the castle where her captor greeted her. "Hello there miss. Welcome to Ireland." she said. Jill began to struggle and quickly noticed she was tied up. "Please remain calm, struggling will only make it worse" the woman said. "

Who are you?!" Jill demanded and the woman turned around and stared at her with a cloth in her hand and said "Your target.". Before Jill could react however, the cloth was tied around her mouth and gagged her to keep her quiet. "Mmmph mmph" Jill let out muffled cries as her gag was being tied. "Call me Viper" the woman said as she finally tied the last knot on Jill's gag and stood up. "My my how cute you look.  very nice and atrractive young lady such as yourself being all tied up is quite exciting don't you think." Jill glared at her and let out two muffled cries. "MMmph mmmph (let me go you bitch)." Jill continued her struggle but Viper picked her up and carriered her to a room with a slime-like web and some eggs with roaming slugs. Viper then said "These are my pets and you're gonna keep them company while mommy's gone.". She gentle put down jill and did a last-minute check on her to make sure her ropes were tight and her gag was strong before closing the door and leaving with only one lightbulb to keep the room lit up. Jill quickly returned to squirming as she found herself in a panic mode with her equipment lost, communications with the BSAA gone, and now she's left in an unknown room tied up, bound, and gagged with slug-like creaturs roaming around. She quickly notied a laptop and on the screen were details on how the slugs were failed prototypes for a new-generation species of BOWs and fill began to struggle more but the ropes were tight and her gag kept her cries muffled. "Mmmph mmmph uuummph." Jill let out "Mmmmph mmmmph ummph mmph mmmph.". She continued squirming until a creature got on her leg and she stopped. She stared at it and let out small and quiet muffled cries.

Jill eventually shook off the creature and began to squirm a little more and struggled to get free. After her binds were too strong, Jill began shaking her head to get her gag off. She was a bit successful with the gag being less tight but she still remained gag and her cries were still muffled. Viper eventually walked into the dungeon and greeted Jill. "I'm back" Viper said. Jill glared at her and shook her head and body some more but Viper noticed and came over. She grabbed Jill's head and tightened her gag. "MMmmph mmph!" Jill let out in a muffled rage. "Clever girl you are. But, I like you quiet and that gag suits you a lot." Viper said while tightening Jill's gag and her bounds making sure she couldn't escape. Jill role around some more and noticed more creatures coming out. She struggled and let out worried muffled cries before Viper covered her mouth with a cloth of chloroform."Shh just breath it in and go to sleep". Jill struggled but eventually failed and was knocked out and carried away by Viper.