It was a normal spring day
International Affair 1

The agents take hostages

in the American capitol of Washington D.C. where a mansion lies outside of the city surrounded by trees and fences. There, a spy duo finds its location and breaks inside the mansion and find a safe. There, the two spies find a file on Doctor Alexandra Williams, a female CIA agent and government employee, after they were sent in by the U.S. government to see if she was hiding secret classified CIA documents and if she was, then it was proof that Dr. Williams was going to turn herself into the Russian government and hand them the CIA documents and potentially nuclear weapons systems to the Russian Federation as well. Viewing it as a threat to national security, the CIA sent in two spies, Michelle Romwell and Vera Leonov, to break in and see if the doctor had the documents.

Upon breaking in, they noticed no guards or other security and proceeded. "Found the safe" Michelle said as she moved in and Vera went ahead to pick open the lock. After picking it open she said "Got it" and picked up a file filled with CIA documents and a dossier on her which was left behind. They exchanged information on how Dr. Williams was gone and how she was most likely at an airfield where she was to board her private jet, but knew that she was still waiting for someone and they decided to sneak onto the plane disguised as some form of protection. "SShh" Vera said while putting her finger close to Michelle's mouth as the two of them heard someone from the next room over. They walked over and saw two maids, a redhead and a brunet, and decided to take them hostage. "If we disguise ourselves as the maids, we can call the cops and take their uniforms instead" Michelle explained to which Vera agreed to and the two moved into the other room. The redheaded maid, real name Rebecka Rime, was grabed by Vera who gagged her with her hand and the other maid, real name Sammantha Jerkins, rose her hands up in the air as Michelle held her at gunpoint.

The two maids were then forced to strip down so Vera and Michelle could be disguised as maids and they were quickly tied up, bound and gagged within a few minutes. The maids paniced as they let out muffled cries begging to be spared and were left tied up on the floor gagged and were now hostages to two armed robbers in their minds. Michelle kneeled down and looked at Rebecca who had a worried expression on her eyes begging for mercy. "Mmmph mmmm mm ummph mmmmpphh" Rebecca said squirming and squealing beneath her gag. "Ssshh" Michelle said as she tightened her gag and her binds as Vera did the same to Rebecca who let out a loud muffled cry. "MMMmpph" Rebecca said as her ropes were tightened along with her gag.