Flash Comics #32 is a comic book published by DC Comics.

It is made of 8 unrelated storylines, each one with a different lead character. In one of them there is Damsel in Distress action.

It is in the story featuring The Whip, where Marisa Dillon needs saving once more in her life.


Danger prone reporter Marisa Dillon follows a clue after finding an attack on Japanese citizen in the streets of New York, and finds a Doctor Hand that she believes is linked to the case.

The doctor recognizes her and before giving her a chance to ask any question he chokes her and forces her into his house.

When she wakes up, Marisa finds herself strapped to a bed, and finds out the doctor is a Nazi spy, he has decided to use a formula that will paralyze her tongue forever so that she can never tell about him.

Luckily for Marisa, by that time The Whip is after her and he uses the weapon that gives him his name to switch the bottle of formula for plain water.

After his formula fails, the doctor tries to stab her, but The Whip attacks again, this time stopping him for good.

The hero then releases the damsel who thanks him as she was getting crazy for being strapped to that infernal table for so long.