Flash Comics #26 is a comic book by DC Comics, it features 8 unrelated stories each one with a different lead character. One of them, the one featuring Hawkman, contains Damsel in Distress scenes.


On a stormy night Carter and Shiera Hall decide to ask for a bed in a creppy house near by, they are received by a dwarf who invites them in, but once alone they are warned by a bird everyone that comes in never leaves.

The couple decides to investigate and they change into Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and they find out the owner of the house, Argot, is kidnapping people and experimenting with them in order to transfer his brain to their bodies and get eternal life.

While Hawkman frees the prisoners, Hawkgirl tries to probe she is capable of anything and tries to stop Argot by herself, but this probes fool as she is knocked out and ends up a hostage.

Hawkgirl is chained to a wall and later, Hawkman, also captured joins her.

They are both rescued by Big Red, a pet hawk of the super-hero with whom he can communicate.

Once free, Hawgirl only finds herself in trouble again and she is taken hostage as Argot uses her to escape, hand gagged, she is taken to a car, but in the road the Hawkman saves her again.


After having her first damsel in distress experiences simply as civilian Shiera Sanders, this is the first time Hawkgirl was captured after becoming a super-heroine herself.