Flash Comics #21 is a comic book published by DC Comics.

It is composed of several unrelated storylines, each one of them with a different lead character.

In one of those stories, featuring a superhero called The Whip, we got a damsel in distress called Marisa Dillon.

Marisa is a journalist who, in a party, finds out about a criminal blackmailing a radio broadcaster.

Angry at the case, she confronts the blackmailer and tells him she will everyone know about it through an article, but this only leads to her kidnap.

Marisa is taken to a radio transmiter where she is held prisoner. The criminal Sparks tell her how he works and warns her that after telling her she will be murdered.

Unknown to the villian, Marisa was able to leave some clothing items in the road leading to the criminal lair, and The Whip has found her. First he solves the blackmail and then he goes to save Marisa, who was about to be strangled by an angry villian.

Taking her back to town, The Whip leaves the damsel to take the subway back home.