Flash Comics #16 is a Comic Book published by DC Comics in the 1940's. It is made eight different unrelated storylines each one with a different lead character. Some of them feature damsels in distress.


Joan Williams Girlfriend of Jay Garrick is kidnapped with a bag with chloroform over her head while walking in the docks. The criminals now she is a friend of The Flash and want to force her to tell them where they can find the hero.

Despite being menaced with a whip, Joan doesn't know where the hero is, but before being whipped one of the bad guys propose to keep her captive until the hero shows up, that way Joan ends up tied up to a chair.

The Flash eventually finds and unties Joan, but since they don't know what are the criminals up to, the girl volunteers to stay a damsel in distress as their prisoner until they find out their plans. The Flash is reluctant, but Joan gets her way and the superhero ties her up to the chair again, staying around to keep and eye on her.

The criminals are on a ship and they head to Mexico, Joan stays tightly tied up during all the trip through the sea. Once in Mexico the criminals free her from the chair, but keep her tied up wrists and arms as they take her to a car and drive her around the country until they find a mountain hideout. There Joan is finally untied and kept in a room.

The Flash has been keeping track of her and finds her with a friend of her that has also been kidnapped, the superhero leaves them to find the police, and while he is gone the couple is put into further distress as they are let into a ranch and locked with a fierce bull that attacks them.

However The Flash returns in the nick of time, drives the animal away, stops the criminals and saves Joan Williams life.