Flash Comics # 12 is a comic book published by DC Comics in the 1940's.

It contains several unrelated storylines with different heroes from the company.

One of those stories contains damsel in distress scenes. It is called Manhattan Madman and it is part of a series called minute movies. Which were meant to be a fiction within a fiction as all the characters were actors playing roles and changing their part in each number.


Doctor David Drackstein, a mad scientist obsessed with a chorus girl named Brenda Lewis is working on a formula that will make Brenda love him forever.

However, in order to try his drops he needs to prove them on human subjects. He leaves wallets lost around New York and offers rewards fro those who finds them, and thus he leads people in need of money to his liar where he kidnapts them and takes them to his dungeons.

An unemployed chorus girl, Elsie Gale, is one of the unlucky victims that decides to ask for the reward, after being kidnapped, miss Gale spends most of her time tied to a chair and gagged while the mad scientist works.

Ultimately, Dr. Drackstein tries the drops on her, and the formula works so she falls deeply in love with him.

Satisfied, Drackstein tries to drug her loved Brenda Lewis, but the excietement is so big he dies from a heart attack.

After this, the police searches the place and rescues all the victims including Elsie Gale who has recovered her senses after the effect from the formula wears out.