Flash Comics #10 is a comic book published by DC Comics and made out of various individual stories.

One of them features the Hawkman, and has a Damsel in Distress.

In the story, Goldie is a young girl from Colorado whose father, a mine owner, has hidden gold.

John Denver, a villian wants the gold for himself and believes the girl must know where it is, making her believe he is friendly he takes her to a mine and there he asks for the info, once she refuses to help he menaces her, but before hurting her decides the best is to leave her tied up alone in the mine for a couple of days so she decides to speak. He ties Goldie up and leaves her to her luck.

Unknown to Denver, the Hawkman is investigating the case and he followed him to the mine, the hero gets lost, but once hearing the screams of Goldie he finds her, rescues her and, together, they leave the mine.