Welcome to the Damsel Wiki

We all adore a good Damsel in Distress, and now, theres a wiki for them! Yes right here, you'll find an up-and-comming database of damsels, bound, gagged and organised, with categories of when and how they were in distress.

We have two main categories of pages, so it is recommended you add your updates into any of these.


The Damsels template allows to know the main focus of this wiki, the women that get distressed. It doesn't matter if they only suffered distress once or if it happens to them frequently, in this pages you'll find their biographies, the list of times they have been distressed and their personal data and physical attributes. This will allow you to find your favorite damsels or to discover new ones you may love.


The Distress template focuses on the times our girls have been in peril. Here we get a description of how did they get into trouble, how where the damsels bound and gagged, what kind of peril did they face and how where they rescued.

The information on this page allows to get all the details of everytime the damsels got distressed, and this pages get categorized with information like bondage position, kind of gag, medium, and kind of peril. This will all help to organize and allow everyone to find new distress moments that may appeal to you.

Please don't mix the information of both of this categories into each other to keep our wiki organized.


Of course we love to watch our distressed damsels in images. But only a note here. In order to keep them ordered please give every image you upload a proper name. Ideally this would be the name of the damsel and the source. This will allow any user to find the image if they need to use it for an article.

Future information

As with any wiki, the Damsel in Distress topic may grow and grow, so if you have any new ideas about interesting information about damsels in distress, feel free to discuss it in the community pages so that a proper template may be added.