A news reporter for Channel 6 News, April O'Neil befriends the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and becomes their source of info top side. April is often kidnapped by The Shredder in an effort to lure the turtles to their doom.

Times of Distress


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • S01E01 Turtle Tracks; handgagged, grabbed, tied to chair
    • S02E02 It Came From Beneath the Sewers; grabbed, cuffed to chair, over the nose gagged
    • S03E07 Burne's Blues; tied to chair, over the mouth gagged, later wrists bound in front
    • S03E09 Enter the Rat King; carried over shoulder, hands tied behind back, over the nose gagged
    • S03E11 April's Fool; nerve pinched, carried over the shoulder, over the mouth gagged, hands restrained behind back
    • S03E22 Return of the Fly; handgagged, hands tied behind back
    • S04E01 Plan 6 From Outer Space; grabbed, over the nose gagged, stuffed into locker
    • S04E08 Raphael Meets His Match; grabbed, over the mouth gagged, forced to walk the plank
    • S04E36 Beyond the Donatello Nebula; held at gun point, tied to a chair
    • S04E39 Unidentified Flying Leonardo; picked up by a helicopter, hands tied behind back, handcuffed to a post
    • S07E01 Tower of Power; assaulted by flying pots and pans, knocked unconscious, grabbed, tied to a metal pole, locked in a cage
    • S07E02 Rust Never Sleeps; grabbed, tied to a metal Manichean
    • S07E03 A Real Snow Job; carried over shoulder, hands tied behind back
    • S07E10 Turtles On The Orient Express; grabbed, carried over shoulder, stuffed into a sack
    • S07E11 April Gets in Dutch; carried away in a speedboat, tied above a boiling pot of cheese
    • S07E18 White Belt, Black Heart; grabbed, tied to a chair
    • S07E20 Attack of the Neutrinos; tied to a chair, over the mouth gagged
    • S10E01 The Return of Dregg; handgagged, tied in a metal straight jacket
    • S10E08 Divide and Conquer; grabbed, tied to a chair, over the nose gagged