Batgirl gagged

Batgirl bound, gagged, and helpless

Outside of Gotham City, there lies a a small barn within the city outskirts. Within this barn lies a typical interior layout, but the animals are gone and the place has been abandoned for quite some time. Tonight however, the barn isn't abandoned and people are inside inhabiting it. Inside the barn lies a woman who goes by the name Cowgirl who's managing her supplies of ropes, cloths, tape and other tools. Behind Cowgirl is her captive for the night or "guest" as she refers to and it's Batgirl. The spandex-clad heroine and partner of the Dark Knight was unconscious and was laying on top of a makeshift bench made out of hay. While Batgirl was knocked out, Cowgirl used some ropes to tie up her hands and legs and gagged her with a red hankerchief making sure the heroine was silent.

"This out'a make you keep quiet" Cowgirl let out as she tied the hankerchief and tightened it around Batgirl's mouth to gag her. After making sure the ropes were tightened to the max, she looked at Batgirl and gazed over the heroine admiring her purple spandex costume and how she looked. She leaned close to Batgirl's face whispering "You're gonna make this night a fun one sweetie" and laughed a little knowing how Batgirl will react when waking up and will be squirming and letting out muffled cries from her gagged mouth, an even Cowgirl was excited for. Time had passed and Batgirl would eventually wake up after she was knocked unconscious by gas. When she regained consciousness, she said "Mmph?" as she left the gag on her mouth silence her and both felt and saw the ropes tying her up.